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Hello Kyuzians!

We know that you all are looking forward to our season 2 release and I'm here just to give you a little more information on how it's going to go down.

Our Plan

The server will first be shut down to prepare for the release today at 00:00 GMT +1 (20:00 EST) so that we can finish off some last minute testing and make sure that the release goes smoothly tomorrow. After we've finished our final tweaks, we'll be ready to release the server to the public on 21st July 2017 at 18:00 GMT +1 (13:00 EST). Also, in the meantime, you can reply to this thread or you can connect to our Teamspeak server at and our staff members will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the release of season 2.

Platforms Affected
  • KyuziNET Minecraft server.
This means that our Forums and Teamspeak 3 server will not be affected by changes made to our platforms for season 2 and will be available for use throughout our 18 hour Minecraft server downtime.

Thanks everyone for reading this thread and we hope to see you on our server for our release tomorrow!

KyuziNET Season 2 - Official Reset Notes

In the last few weeks, here at Kyuzi we have been working tirelessly to get the server populated and back to it's former glory - a recent opportunity for this to happen has arose. In the upcoming days we will be announcing a brand new content creator who will be partnering up to help us reach our goal! In advance for said creator joining, we decided it's best we have a completely FRESH start! This time around expect a lot more stability upon the reset as well as a selection of highly unique features. Enjoy KyuziNET Season 2 folks!

Season 1 FTOP Prize Pool:
As promised, we will still be awarding winners of the /f top competition. Congratulations to the following FTOP winners.

1st Place: 2o2 - $250 Buycraft Coupon Prize
2nd Place: Resistance - $150 Buycraft Coupon Prize
3rd Place: Hesteria - $50 Buycraft Coupon Prize

Winners will be awarded with their prizes at the start of KyuziNET Season 2.


Release Notes:

Custom Terrain:
This season we're looking to make things phenomenal for all our players, and to do so we're gonna be adding highly unqiue CUSTOM terrain to the overworld! Some key features in regards to the custom terrain:
  • There will be a flat bedrock at Y1.
  • Most of the overworld will be relatively flat with minimal oceans.
  • Random chests with a selection of loot will be located throughout the map - keep your eyes peeled!

Season Two Prize Pool:
As with Season 1, there will also be a prize pool in KyuziNET Season Two. This season to increase competition, we've increased the prize pool to the following:

1ST Place: $250 PayPal + $100 Buycraft Coupon
2ND Place: $100 PayPal +...
Hello Kyuzians, welcome to the second update log for the KyuziRaid factions server. This thread will consist of all the new changes added over the last 24 hours to the KyuziRaid server.

Iron Golem Spawners
As requested by a large number of users, Iron Golems will not drop poppies anymore. This should help clear clutter with your Iron Golem spawner collections.

Auction House
Another highly requested feature is an Auction House to the server. This can be accessed by entering the command /ah. In the auction house you can sell all items ranging from diamonds, to enchanted gear. Players can ever sell keys within the auction house too!
We have decided to replace the Lottery with a selection of more advanced and fun gambling gamemodes! These include Coinflips, Rock Paper Scissors and Jackpot! There are three Jackpot modes, Low (Max. $10,000), Medium (Max. $50,000) and High (Max. $1,000,000). To play one of the gambling games enter the command /casino. Happy Gambling!
Some minor additions have been added to the tablist. This includes the server location and the ping. This should make for easier checking of your connection whilst PvPing.
Due to high demand, rank tokens can now be purchased from our webstore,

That's all from our 2nd Update log! Keep posted for more!
Hello Kyuzians and welcome to the first issue of Kyuzi’s development log. This thread will contain all of the new features that we have recently added to our network.

The Harvester Hoe
The harvester hoe is an unbreakable golden hoe where, when cactus or sugar cane is left clicked with the hoe, the items that would normally drop to the ground are automatically added to your inventory saving a lot of time where you would normally be making sure that you’ve collected all of your resources. Here is how the hoe looks in-game:


Night vision and water breathing
The handy new commands, /nv and /wb respectively in-game, do exactly what they say they do! Having permanent night vision in-game removes the need for any light source to be able to see easier and water breathing helps for all those things that need to be done under water!

Staff requests
You can now easily ask for help from a staff member without privately messaging them! With /staffhelp or /request followed by your message, all staff members online will be able to see what you need and if no staff members are online you will also be notified. Examples of each message can be seen below:


Sell wands
Sell wands have been added to narrow down the selling of items in a chest to a single click! After purchasing one from our online store, you will receive an item that looks like this:...
Hi all,

After our successful launch, we have decided to host a Q&A session on:

Sunday 2nd July at 22:00 BST // 17:00 EST

This will be your chance to quiz the Management team on anything you wish. It can be a personal question; or server specific. You can also use this opportunity to offer suggestions.

Submit your questions beforehand; or you can ask on the night.

Prior to our meeting, we will be hosting a couple of community events as voted by you:

This will commence at 21:00 BST // 16:00 EST.

We hope to see you there at our first Community event!
Official Release day!
It's Release Day!
Teamspeak IP:
'Today's the day...'

After last week's unexpected delay, we are excited to announce that today is the day we release our server to the public! Both @Kyle and @Nathan have been working effortless over the last few weeks to ensure a strong and stable release. Personally, I would like to thank them both for their hard work and dedication. More so in these past 7 days.


Please refer to our previous threads to find out more about the network and what to expect:
'Rank reclaims...'

For all those who submitted their rank reclaim application, we are glad to announce that all submissions were successful. The ranks should be on your account as you log in to the server, if not, please contact a member of the Management team to fix this. We thank you for your continued support.


If you are now following our Twitter, you will be unaware of the current giveaway that is taking place! Please follow and retweet this tweet to have a chance of winning a $50 in-store coupon.

'Moderator Applications...'

Thank to all those who have recently applied to be a Moderator. We will be filtering through applications...

Hi folks,

There has been a sense of guilt amongst the Administrative staff further to our recent delay. Therefore, we thought we would share a sneak preview of our custom built spawn! Please see the following pictures below.

This is our way of saying sorry for our recent, unfortunate, announcement. Enjoy!


What are your thoughts on the spawn?


Further to recent discussions between the Administrative staff, it has been decided that our release will be delayed until:

Saturday 24th June at 13:00 EST.

This is purely down to external factors; internally, we will use this time to test any development issues and finalise everything for our big release next weekend!

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however, every decision we make is in the best interest of you: the community!

KyuziRaid Season One

This will be 13th KyuziRaid map reset since 2011. Instead of this map being called KyuziRaid 13.0, we have now named this “KyuziRaid Season One”, as we are looking to rebrand ourselves and make a number of large changes. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

PDF with better format available HERE

End of Season Rewards:

At the end of the season, a series of awards will be available. Those are as follows:​

1st Place Faction: $250 PayPal split amongst active members

2nd Place Faction: $150 PayPal split amongst active members

3rd Place Faction: $50 PayPal split amongst active members​

Winners are chosen based off faction points. Documentation on faction points and faction cores will be posted on the forums shortly.​

The Basics:
  • The World Borders are as follows:
    • Overworld: 10000 x 10000
    • The Nether: 5000 x 5000
    • The End: 5000 x 5000
  • Teleportation of all kinds will have a six second delay
  • The starting economy balance of all players will be $5000. If you have a claimed premium rank, please reclaim it using /reclaim.
  • The combat tag timer will last for a total of thirty seconds.
  • Auctions are available using the /auction command.
  • Random Teleportation is available through the use of “RTP”. Different tiers are available (Daily, Weekly & Premium)
  • Trading is available to prevent scamming (/trade)
  • Bank Notes are available through the use of /withdraw and /deposit. This will allow for easier trades using /trade.
  • ALL players may silk mine spawners.
  • Spawners can be purchased using /spawnershop.
  • God Apples are disabled to allow for Potion PVP
  • Hopper crafting will be...
Official KyuziNET Release


RELEASE DATE: Saturday 24th of June 2017 1PM EST

Twitter: @TweetKyuzi

Kyuzi Network is a thrilling Minecraft Factions server, created by close friends Kyle and Nathan. With experience spanning over six years, both owners have a track record of proven success. When we first opened this server on Friday 18th March 2011, our goals were to create a professional, successful and enjoyable platform for you and your friends to have fun! Six years on, we aim to do this all again!
Some of the most notable features you can expect upon release include:
  • Custom Faction cores
  • Supply Drops
  • Automatic KOTH events
  • Keyfinders
  • Gen Buckets
  • 1.7 Styled PvP and Cannons
  • PLUS much, much more!
A PDF including all the features with an in-depth explanation into the server mechanics will be released this Saturday coming to allow players to familiarise themselves with playing conditions before release. The server web-store will also be up for this Saturday coming to allow for the community to purchase ranks for a discounted price prior to the release!​

If you have any questions related to the release of Kyuzi be sure to let us know! Further updates will be coming out shortly!