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Blocks And Spawners

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lynx, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Decided to make a forum post about this after being told to.
    Basically, iron blocks sell for more then iron, and I believe that it should stay this way, money seems better like this. All players are aware of this and I've also told staff, this isn't a bug report, however clicking iron into my Hotbar then clicking 1 2 3 all the way to 9 to craft iron blocks over and over gets super boring and repetitive, adding /blocks to donor ranks would be huge, (Protector would be a good rank to make it) Also, iron golems can not be mined without losing there bonus level things, (1-5) this is extremely annoying especially when trying to move them, and finally, they have no worth upgraded on f wealth, but a level 1 is 800k less then a level 5, having around 9 lvl 4s and a level 5, this is an extreme bummer. Sorry for the dragged on post but these issues/suggestions would greatly help the server.
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  2. I agree with all of this
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