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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by HOTROD187462, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. The keyfinder crate:

    The keyfinder crate has some really bad odds when it comes to winning. I understand the need to limit what people can win and the percentages at which they are able to win such items. Yet, the keyfinder crates gives out primarily small amounts of money. I think lowering the percentage of getting $1,250 and raising the percentage of getting $3,500 and raising the percentage a little on getting $10,000 will help balance the crate a little more.

    The Koth crate:

    The Koth crate gives out pretty much the same loot at the keyfinder crate. The loot in the Koth crate needs to be buffed a little. Winning the Koth is a challenge all in itself. You have to battle it out with other players who can be just as geared out as you are. You have to stand in a small area without getting knocked out for extended periods of time. The game requires teamwork and skill to accomplish your goal of winning the Koth. In the process of trying to secure the Koth you can die several times costing players a lot of money and gear. What they get in return isn't worth the struggle of fighting to win the Koth.

    I'm not the only one who finds the loot in the crate to be terrible. 1 kothcrate.jpg
  2. Crates seem to be hot topic currently, and I appreciate the reason why.

    I would love to delve into the complexity of it all and how it works but I would bore you!

    Rest assured, crate percentages are being looked into and we are trying to find the perfect balance that is fair.

    Perhaps keep hold of any keys and cash them in further down the line once we have discovered the best formula.

    Thanks for bringing this up.
  3. Crates will be buffed in the next few days.
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