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Official Development Log (Issue #1)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nathan, Jun 29, 2017.

By Nathan on Jun 29, 2017 at 3:12 AM
  1. Hello Kyuzians and welcome to the first issue of Kyuzi’s development log. This thread will contain all of the new features that we have recently added to our network.

    The Harvester Hoe
    The harvester hoe is an unbreakable golden hoe where, when cactus or sugar cane is left clicked with the hoe, the items that would normally drop to the ground are automatically added to your inventory saving a lot of time where you would normally be making sure that you’ve collected all of your resources. Here is how the hoe looks in-game:


    Night vision and water breathing
    The handy new commands, /nv and /wb respectively in-game, do exactly what they say they do! Having permanent night vision in-game removes the need for any light source to be able to see easier and water breathing helps for all those things that need to be done under water!

    Staff requests
    You can now easily ask for help from a staff member without privately messaging them! With /staffhelp or /request followed by your message, all staff members online will be able to see what you need and if no staff members are online you will also be notified. Examples of each message can be seen below:


    Sell wands
    Sell wands have been added to narrow down the selling of items in a chest to a single click! After purchasing one from our online store, you will receive an item that looks like this:


    From this point on-wards, the only thing required to do in order to sell your items is to left (or right) click a single or double chest! After this is done, all items will be sold to the shop for the correct price and you will receive a message:


    And don’t worry, if the item cannot be sold to the shop it will remain in the chest.

    Void chests
    A void chest is a fully automatic system where any items that enter the chest will be sold to the shop. After purchasing one from our online store, you will receive an item that looks like this:


    And, after placing the chest, you can convert it into a double void chest just by adding a regular chest next to it meaning there is only a need to buy a singular void chest per grinder. After placing down the chest, you can enter /voidchest set <player> (whilst looking at the void chest) to allow <player> to receive the funds earned from the items sold. Then, sit back and relax whilst you watch the money start rolling in. Please note that only the person who originally placed the void chest can use /voidchest set. However, if it is broken and then re-placed, the player who placed the item can then use /voidchest set.

    All items seen in this log (harvester hoes, sell wands and void chests) can be purchased through our online store at!

    That’s all for this development log but keep looking out for future logs to see how our newest server releases work!
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What's your favourite addition to this update?

  1. Harvester hoes

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  2. Potion effect commands (/nv and /wb)

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  3. Staff help requests

  4. Sell wands

  5. Void chests



Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Nathan, Jun 29, 2017.

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