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Official In-Game Rules

Discussion in 'Official Documents' started by Kyle, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Kyuzi Network Rules
    Produced by @Liam
    The following rules apply to all aspects on Kyuzi Network. You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with all applicable rules, statues and regulations. Upon registering on our forums, logging into our servers and connecting to our Teamspeak, you therefore enter into an agreement to follow our rules. Any breach of these rules will result in punishment, as per set out in our ban guide.

    N.B:- Moderators are entrusted to use their discretion when staffing the server. Sometimes, the ban guide may not be applicable in certain situations. Any severe circumvention of the rules, in the opinion of the Moderator, may still lead to a lengthy ban.
    1. No Hacked Clients

    KyuziNetwork takes a zero tolerance attitude to the usage of hacked clients. The term "hacking" refers to using modifications of your vanilla Minecraft client to allow you to perform actions that others can not.

    If a staff member feels that a user is conducting such an act - and gains sufficient evidence - the user will be punished. Hacked clients can be an array of different modifications, where some could be legal; and some not.

    A list of approved and disapproved mods can be found below:


    • Modloader
    • Forge Modloader
    • Show Durability
    • Better Animations / Animated Player / Better Horses
    • Any mod that improves how players or mobs look.
    • AntiSteve
    • Optifine
    • Any Minimap Mod that does not have an entity radar
    • Shaders Mods
    • Advanced HUD
    • Mob Dismemberment.
    • TooManyItems
    • TwitchTV Chat Mod
    • Toggle Sneak/Sprint Mod
    • MC Capes Mod
    • World Downloader Mods
    • FullBright
    • Schematica
    • This includes printer and Schematica holograms
    • Batty’s Coordinates Mod
    • StatusEffectHud
    • DirectionHud
    • Damage Indicators
    • Any of these modpacks
    • Water-walking
    • X-ray
    • Anti-knock back
    • Any minimap with entity radar enabled
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Autoswitch
    • KillAura
    • Forcefield
    • TukMC
    • NoSlowDown
    • Any mod which allows you to see through blocks
    • Entity Proximity Detector
    • All Flying Mods
    • Hats mod
    N.B -: we reserve the right to punish despite not showcasing every single approved or disapproved mod. It is important for the user to ask for clarity if they are in doubt.

    Any rule broken that may result in a ban or a mute is at the discretion of staff. If they feel your actions warrant a severe punishment, they may.

    If you experience playing against a user who is breaking this specific rule, please alert a moderator via Teamspeak or in-game. Use the /request command to private hackusate.

    2. No Inappropriate or Offensive Skins

    Skins portraying;
    • Men or women’s genitalia
    • Infamous world leader’s, terror organisations, criminals, paedophiles or racial groups
    • Political leaders
    3. Respect every member of the Community
    • Regardless of their rank, or where they are situated in the hierarchy of KyuziNetwork, all of our members should feel respected once logging into our server. Harassing, abusing and/or insulting any members of our community is a form of disrespect and is prohibited.

      N.B:- If, in the opinion of the user, they feel they are subject to harassment and/or abuse they can report you (even if you do not realise you are doing it). It will then be down to our staff to use their discretion and reflect upon the context of the words.

    • Show support and belief that the decisions made by the staff team are ones that are fair and are done so for the good of the community. Voicing your opinions on decisions in a vulgar way and going to the extent to disrespect the person who personally made that decision will also result in a punishment.

    • If you believe a moderator is disrespecting members of the community, or not conducting their jobs in a correct manner, please report them a Senior staff member.
    • If you see that a Sr. Moderator is acting unprofessionally and disrespecting community members, please report them to the Management team.
    • If you believe a Manager is disrespecting fellow members of the community - go directly to an owner.
    4. Do not spam or use derogatory, offensive language in the public chat

    Spamming, or using derogatory language, is not permitted in the view of the public.
    • Please consider that some members of our community may be at an age where viewing swear words or profanity is simply not appropriate. Light words such as: ‘Damn’ or ‘Crap’ are allowed upon our server; although, we do discourage it.

    • Offensive jokes and insults will not be tolerated - even if the insults/joke is about yourself.
    • Spamming is petty and annoying. Similar to using all caps, spamming is an unfair advantage of gaining attention from another user. We encourage all of our players to talk in a civil and fair manner. Spamming is immature and has the possibility to flood out important messages in the chat.
    5. Do not advertise

    Please do not advertise any content which is not related to KyuziNetwork.
    • If you are live streaming you may advertise it in the KyuziNetwork chat as long as you do not abuse this consent. Abusing this rule is when a player advertises his/her stream several different times to the point where he/she is causing spam in the chat.
    • If you advertise any site which does not contain any KyzuiNetwork related content, this includes: YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc, you will be dealt with appropriately by a Staff Member.

    • If you promote or publicise any Teamspeak or Minecraft server, you will be dealt with by a Staff Member as this, much like the previous point, is not approved on our server.
    6. Do not make racist or homophobic remarks.

    We also take a zero tolerate attitude to racist and homophobic remarks. Our aim is to welcome all types of races and cultural backgrounds and we do not discriminate players by their differences.

    7. Do not mislead others

    Tricking other users, also known as misleading them, can be used to gain an advantage. Confusing your opponent, or assisting them into do something bannable, is not prohibited. Examples include:
    • "I am a moderator, do what I say or you will be banned!"

    • "It is okay to hack on this server, it is not against the rules!"
    Is not allowed and users who ignore this rule will be consequently dealt with.

    8. Do not distribute personal or confidential information about a user without consent from that individual

    Everyone in our community should feel absolutely 100% safe in regards to their personal information. Nobody wants their private details being distributed out to a large network of users without their consent. Failure to follow this rule can lead to severe punishments and, dependent on the circumstances, perhaps even a permanent removal.
    • Personal/confidential information would count as: age, name, Skype, IP, location, occupation
    9. Do not post Screamers or Pornographic images

    Posting links that have the nature to scare or disturb other users is strictly prohibited. We take the distribution of these sorts of links very seriously and a link that has the possibility to mentally scar another user is not allowed.
    • Screamers: images that display a disturbing image which, in most cases, is a female screaming in an excessive manner. The person receiving the screamer could have a heart condition, or a mental illness which, in some severe circumstances, could lead to death.

    • Pornographic images: The distribution of pornographic images is not allowed. Our player base is predominantly under the age to view such material and, as such, must be treated with severe consequences.
    10. Do not exploit bugs or glitches

    A user who is found exploiting bugs or glitches will be dealt with appropriately. Exploiting a bug that may allow you to gain unlimited arrows or a glitch that lets you leave the map should be forwarded to a senior staff member. Exploiting these types of flaws will, in most cases, give you a game changing advantage and must not be exploited.

    11. Do not use an alternative account to bypass existing bans or mutes
    • Once you are banned; you are banned. If you have access to two different accounts, do not use your secondary account in order to bypass an existing ban. If found guilty, the account you used to bypass your original ban will also be banned for the same amount of time. We ban you for a reason: to ensure you suffer the appropriate consequences and to teach you not to do it again.
    12. Once logging into our server, you are then obliged to follow the rules and understand that any breach of the rules can, and will, lead to the appropriate action taken against you. This may even be a permanent removal from all platforms of our community.

    13. If loopholes are found in these rules, do not exploit them.

    14. These rules are subject to change at any time. We will always ensure any rules changes are publicly known before changing them officially.

    15. As always, have fun and play fairly.
  2. Revision of rules enforced at 28/06/2017 22:00 BST
    • The Rules Committee have introduced revisions to the rules to prevent circumvention. There is more emphasis on staff member's using their discretion in certain situations and any grey areas they may encounter. Note: both the approved and disapproved client modifications have also had slight changes. We hope to have provided more clarity and precision.
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