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KyuziRaid 2.1 Updates

Discussion in 'News Archieve' started by Kyle, Aug 8, 2017.

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    KyuziNET Factions 2.1 Update Log
    Hello Kyuzians, welcome to the first KyuziRaid Season 2 update log. This update, we have a number of various tweaks that have been made to the server, so be sure to pay attention. Expect regular weekly update logs starting up from now, we plan to get loads done in the next few weeks! Enjoy!

    Staff Changes
    The following changes to staff have been made in the last few weeks:​
    • GrantDoesGaming: Moderator -> Aegis​
    • Jkaem: Community Manager -> Administrator​
    • Liam: Staff Manager -> Chief of Staff​
    • OrangeSausage: YouTube​
    • Pingings: Moderator -> Sr.Moderator​
    • MajesticMelone: Moderator​
    • Jarve: Moderator​
    • Verxi: Moderator -> Protector​
    Following said staff changes, various new roles have been established within the staff team. First and foremost, we have created the role "Chief of Staff". This role is one given to a highly trusted member of the executive and is considered to be on similar levels of Co-Owner. Liam is currently occupying this role, as myself and Nathan have a lot of faith and trust in him. Be sure to look up for a variety of things coming from Liam soon! In addition to this, we have abolished the management role and re-named it back to Administrator. The rules committee was also abolished yesterday as we have a much better system coming down the pipeline shortly, so keep your eyes peeled. Finally, we have created a new department within the staff team - Communications department. This will deal with the advertisement and brand awareness of the KyuziNET brand, and will be directed by newly promoted @Ping

    Spawner Upgrades
    Yep - that's right! After high demand, we finally decided it's time to implement spawner upgrades! To upgrade a spawner, simply right click the spawner you desire to upgrade, and then work your way up the tiers! Simple! Spawners will lose their tier when broken - keep this in mind! Happy upgrading!

    IMPORTANT: Spawners MUST be mined with Silk Touch pickaxes from now on!

    In order to promote voting on Kyuzi, the rewards for voting have been increased! Players now have a chance of gaining extra money rewards as well as exceedingly rare items from lucky votes! The top three voters of the month also will receive a $15 buycraft coupon, to check standings do /votetop - vote daily to increase these chances!​

    Miscellaneous Changes:
    • Kyuzi Crate has been BUFFED to allow for higher rewards! Hype!
    • Keyfinders have been buffed slightly - not much however.
    • Chat formatting is in the process of being reworked.
    • Default minecraft worldborder removed to increase game performance and to fix claiming near border issues. Worldborder plugin added again.
    • Faction wealth gold bug has been fixed.
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  2. Awesome updates so far! Hopefully you all will think the same and continue to enjoy our updates. We plan to keep moving forward and improve our server piece by piece. :)
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  3. Kind words re myself, @Kyle, much appreciated. Always has been an honour to serve under you at the numerous networks we have worked together on. Another great update, hope you all enjoy it.
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