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Staff: Roles & Responsibilities

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Liam, Jul 11, 2017.





    Further to recent changes within the staff, I believe a thread is in order to help guide users on what each staff member does. This thread can also act as a useful source when enquiring about job descriptions for specific staff positions. Note: these are not standards for our staff to meet; merely descriptions of what the job involves.

    Although the most common staff member; the Moderator position is one of the more tougher positions. They are the first line of defence in protecting Kyuzi from any troublemakers. These can include: trolls, hackers and spammers. Moderators deal with issues that occur on either the Forums, TeamSpeak and In-game. They are also tasked with dealing with report abuses ensure our general rules are being adhered to. We are actively searching for Moderators, so I urge to you to apply!

    Senior Moderator:
    The Senior Moderator position involves a lot of dealings behind the scenes, and they are not usually noticed in-game. They help the Staff Manager supervise the Moderators. They shadow both managers on projects and are actively aiming to make the community a better place. Senior Moderators hired from the current pool of moderators. They are promoted due to their dedication and hard work towards the server.

    Community Manager:
    Held by @Jkaem, the Community Manager role is one that has only just been introduced. Previously just 'Manager', this role focuses largely on the community aspect of things. This can include dealings with VIP's, event management and presiding over the rules committee. The Community Manger is the right hand man of the owners'; as is the Staff Manager. Although having little say in the staff team, this rank is very powerful and many in-game decisions will be made by the Community Manager.

    Staff Manager:

    Held by @Liam, the Staff Manager role is equally as powerful as the Community Manager role. The difference being is one role focuses on the community; the other focuses on the staff team. The latter is what the Staff Manager does and is responsible for the hiring, firing and promoting of staff. The Staff Manager conducts interviews, leads meetings and handles training of both Moderators and Senior Moderators. Unlike their peer, the Staff Manager will not be seen much in-game, as much of their duties are on the forums. Any queries regarding staff will be dealt with by the Staff Manager.

    There are two: @Kyle and @Nathan and their decisions are final. They are the ultimate approval, or, disapproval to suggestions. When deciding upon affiliate applications, the owners are the ones who make the decision after consulting with the Community Manager. They overlook every single aspect of the community to ensure that their expectations are a reality. Possibly one of the hardest members to contact; the owners are the most well-known. The owners are the ones who fund the server - with assistance from the donations they receive - and ensure that invoices are met. @Kyle focuses more on the community aspect; whilst @Nathan handles the developing aspect.
    I hope this has cleared up the varying staffing roles we have here on the server. Any queries, contact the relevant staff member.
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