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Official Teamspeak Rules

Discussion in 'Official Documents' started by Kyle, Jun 5, 2017.

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  1. Connect to our Teamspeak: Kyuzi.Net

    KyuziNetwork’s Teamspeak Rules

    1. You must qualify for an appropriate Nickname

    Unlike your Minecraft username, Teamspeak allows its users to change their nicknames without restraint. Though, the following guidelines will hope rule out any inappropriate or unnecessary nicknames.

    • Nicknames that include derogatory language.

    • Nicknames that impersonate other members of the community, eg; staff members or VIPs.

    • Nicknames that contain [VIP], [Moderator], [Senior Moderator] or [Owner].

    • Nicknames that refer to hate groups eg; Klux klux klan, Neo-Nazis etc .

    • Nicknames that refer to infamous leaders eg; Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden etc.

    • Nicknames that are continuously being changed from one nickname to another.

    • Nicknames that contain no use of letters; just specialised characters.

    • Nicknames that disallow members of staff from easily identifying whom you are.
    We encourage our users to base their Teamspeak nickname to their In-game name. This allows the staff to easily identify the user they are speaking to.

    2. Do not repeatedly switch channels

    Similar to spamming in the in-game chat, a user who purposely spam switches channels can be subject to punishment. Just like spamming, it is really obnoxious and floods the console messages - making it harder for staff members to check the console logs. Players who are trying to communicate with each other will be interrupted by the user who persists to move in and out of their channel making it difficult for users to hear it each other. All in all, it is annoying and not prohibited on our Teamspeak server.

    3. Do not play music or use soundboards in a public channel

    You are allowed to play music in a public channel so long as everyone in that channel has given their consent. If you are purposely playing music in a public channel to antagonise other users you will be dealt with accordingly. What you are not permitted to do is join a public channel and start playing music that nobody wants. You will be warned by a staff member to switch off your music bot and if you decide not to, then further punishments will take action.

    4. No spam messaging and / or poking users of the Teamspeak

    We all like to get somebody’s attention in a time of need; spam messaging or poking staff members or ordinary members is not allowed. This is because of the nuisance this causes when Teamspeak users are attempting to interact with each other. If a user is found poking a member of the community in a obnoxious manner (more than two times in quick succession) you will be dismissed from the Teamspeak server. This also goes for messaging. If you are reporting a user, just simply poke an active member of staff once and they will attempt to deal with your complaint.

    5. General in-game rules apply on Teamspeak too

    Rules that are also used in-game have also been adopted here. Breaking rules such as: advertising, disrespecting staff, racism, misleading and / or arguing and intentionally creating flame wars are strictly not allowed here similarly as they are not allowed in-game.

    6. Do not exploit any loopholes in these rules.
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